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Naw Gay Lay Htee can be interviewed in person. She is very hardworking and has a good learning attitude.

She is very neat and clean. good in housekeeping.
​worked 1 month for 1st employer, transfer as employer old maid wants to come back.

She has work 1 month + with 2nd employer. Employer has to transfer her as grandma needs to go to hospice for professional care. They cannot handle the high expenses.
3rd employer work 6 months, transfer she cannot handle new born.

Single (24)
Ref: IDS-13
Upd on 23-Jan-17

Nurul has worked in HK before. cantonese speak little
​She has worked about 1 month in 4 storey townhouse doing housework, cooking and taking care of 7 years old girl.
​Transfer as she cannot handle big house. She has good attitude. English ok.

Widowed (40)
Ref: 003-17
Upd on 23-Jan-17

She has worked 1 year with last employer, taking care of grandmother, 2 children and housework. She went back as grandmother pass away.
​ready to come to sg to work again. She prefer 4 off days so as to go to church on Sundays.

Single (28)
Ref: 005-17
Upd on 23-Jan-17
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