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Khin Khin Htwe has 3 years experience in singapore. She can cook, do housework, take care of children or elderly
​1st Employer is japanese. House work , cooking .
​2nd employer is Chinese , housework and cooking anf take care elderly grandma.

Married (32)
Ref: IDS-0024
Upd on 20-Oct-16

Ruby has been with current employer for 8 months, taking care of 4 children. 8 yrs, 6 yrs, 3 yrs and 10 months old. She also does housework, cooking minimum. She is the 2nd maid in house.

She request for transfer as she cannot handle 4 children. She prefers to take care of children 5 yrs old and above.
​Salary $560 2 off days.Available for immediate interview.

Married (29)
Ref: IDs-0023
Upd on 14-Oct-16

Htet Htet has finished contract with 1st employer (vietnam family) taking care of 2 children and housework.

2nd employer she worked 8 months for chinese family , doing housework and children care.

She has been with current employer for 2 months. Transfer as Mdm keep scolding her for no reason.

Single (27)
Ref: ID-0022
Upd on 11-Oct-16
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